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My Story

I’m Jackie, a fun-loving Mum from Yorkshire who has always been money mindful.

We didn’t spoil our kids by any means, but they still constantly nagged us for meaningless’ stuff’ they had been exposed to on TV or online, it was very intrusive to our family values - not to mention costly!

It troubled me that credit cards, online and contactless payments have made money more virtual than real, our kids didn’t know the value of money because they couldn’t see it. Somehow I needed to bring money into everyday conversation and make it visually relevant to their lives?

Like all parents and grandparents, I worried about how our kids were going to survive with so little financial knowledge and resilience. Banking apps are all well and good but they lack the touch and feel of real money for teaching values.

And so after much blood sweat and a lot of tears, the MoneyBox Tree was conceived (I’ll fill you in on that journey another time).

Now my kids treat money like treasure and say “it’s like being paid to have fun”. There is a growing like-minded community out there who care about consuming less, slow fashion, less plastic, up-cycling, living cheaper for an uncertain future and our mission is to help kids be more mindful as they become guardians of their own futures.

I’m proud of the values that the moneyBox Tree stands for and I hope YOU enjoy promoting financial wellbeing too whilst having fun along the way.

Jackie x